27 September, 2022

Salvadorans arrive where the three Scandinavian borders meet and climb the highest mountain in Sweden

Source: Mauricio Ávalos / Voice of Diaspora

Source: Mauricio Ávalos / Voice of Diaspora
Ana Maria Gonzalez / Voice of Diaspora

Mauricio Ávalos, of 52 years, he emigrated with his family to Sweden from El Salvador in the year 2000. One of her dreams was always to do many adventures with her children Jorge and Cris. this is one of them.

His journey began on a Wednesday at 6:00 pm, from Stockholm central station, where they took a train that would take them to Kiruna the next day.

When arriving in town, they moved to the hotel where they would make their 292 kilometers by car to the nearest city, What is Karesuando and what is 110 km from Kilpisjärvi; It is the Finnish town from where the adventure begins when visiting Treriksröset, as it is the point where the borders of Sweden intersect, Norway and Finland.

Source: Mauricio Ávalos / Voice of Diaspora

The trifinium is located at 69 ° 03′35.9 ″ N 20 ° 32′55.1 ″ E. The name means: “mound of the three nations” and is known as such from the mound of stones erected at the site in 1764. This is the northernmost point of Sweden and also the westernmost place in mainland Finland.

The current monument, that was built in 1926, it is a conical stone made of concrete, located about ten meters from the shore of Lake Goldajärvi. They reached the trifinium at 10:00 of the night, still with sun rays.

In Sweden, Summer days are long and particularly in Kiruna the sun does not set in June and July.

Ávalos with his children crowned his journey with success and at the summit he showed the flag of El Salvador to dedicate it to all Salvadorans around the world, at the monument where the three Scandinavian countries unite.

After your great adventure to reach Treriksröset, they drove 292 kilometers back and rested for a day to gather strength and make the longest journey to their great goal: Mount Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden.

The three Salvadorans started their trip early to Nikkaluokta, that is to 65.2 kilometers from Kiruna. They left their vehicle and walked through the woods, trees and beautiful vegetation towards the Láddjujávri glacial lake, where they took a boat to rest their feet.

Source: Mauricio Ávalos / Voice of Diaspora

The boat trip lasts about 20-30 minutes, time in which a distance of six kilometers is traveled. When disembarking, they walked eight and a half kilometers to the station where they camp before starting to ascend.

Climbing the Kebnekaise can take between 10 Y 14 hours, the western trail is the most common, has some 20 kilometers in length and during the journey you can enjoy a beautiful view between glacial mountains, renos, alces, goats and rivers coming from the thaw, with fresh water which you can drink; as well as mountains of stones and countless landscapes.

For Ávalos, reaching the top was a great adventure, where his forces abandoned him for a few moments, but that was not an obstacle and he followed his goal, which he enjoyed with his older children.

Both, celebrated the birth of his third child, Emmanuel; and welcome your first grandchild, of those who took photographs to the mountain to immortalize the arrival of the Salvadorans to the highest part of Sweden.

To end, Ávalos shares a reflection for the Salvadoran brothers: "Life is like a great mountain, that one sees the highest peak from below, but to get there we will have to go through many obstacles, fatigue, insecurity joys and sadness or wanting to look back and not follow, But we must not give up on everything we started, because when we arrive we will feel like winners of having run the race and
to have won the good fight and always put our eyes first on God ".