Salvadorans in Winnipeg support your country with social and cultural projects from Canada

New Ideas is an open movement WInnipeg, which aims to support Salvadorans from outside.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Help and maintain an exchange relationship either social or cultural with communities in El Salvador is the engine that drives new ideas Winnipeg Salvadorean Canadian Inc. to continue working for the biggest beneficiaries are low-income people.

Jorge Figueroa, coordinator of the movement, explain what “help” it's a job they have done with a group of Salvadorans in their personal capacity. “Those who have more than thirty years of being here have always loved our country and have supported communities. With Najib we entered restlessness and begin to see what possibilities we had legally recognized”.

Thus in July 2018 They legalized the movement and what were their personal capacity before today is done under the name of “New ideas”.

Figueroa explained that the movement is open and is of a social nature, cultural and artistic.

With the arrival of President Najib Bukele is ready to refine the shape contacts and projects they have in mind.

For now, the immediate plan is to send medical supplies to the Hospital “Jorge Mazzini Villacorta” in the department of Sonsonate.

also they would focus on raising the money to pay the electric system and potable water in poor communities.

In a medium-term agenda would manage scholarships for young Salvadorans and cultural exchanges between Winnipeg and El Salvador.

Jorge Figueroa is a renowned sculptor and director of the Institute of Sculptors in Winnipeg, which drives him to work in the artistic cultural branch so that projects can be a reality.

Consulate in Winnipeg

Another plan of this movement is to make the formal request for a consulate for the city of Winnipeg, because it is a diaspora that has been abandoned and even received attention Consulate Toronto via mobile consulates or windows it is not the same.

If Salvadorans personally decide to do their transactions in Toronto, the economic costs are really high. It includes for example pay travel and stay in another province, pay for legal services, and do not receive wages because they have to stop working while seeking redress.

New Ideas movement Winnipeg knows that the work of the new government to improve the situation in El Salvador will not be easy and that many are not short-term processes, “we do not expect the magic ball, are long processes that have their faults but you can get ahead and that is our hope. Safety I guarantee that the president and his cabinet will do much more than they did in 30 years governments”.

Figueroa expects all projects go undertaken with the support of the contacts because their vision is provided externally to build a better El Salvador.