11 August, 2022

Salvadorans in Sweden celebrate the Bicentennial of Independence

Patricia godinez, Salvadoran ambassador to Sweden. photo VD: Diego Recinos.
By Diego Recinos

Sweden – Dozens of Salvadorans living in Sweden celebrated the anniversary of national independence last Saturday. The activity was organized by the Salvadoran consulate, in which Swedish businessmen and other Nordic organizations participated.

Saturday afternoon reminded Salvadorans of those longed-for days of the nostalgic month of October in El Salvador. A fresh wind with a nostalgic breeze accompanied by a yellowish sunset that fought with the clouds to bring its rays of light to the Nordic Swedish city of Stockholm.

Typical costumes of the Central American nation. photo VD: Diego Recinos.

In the north of the city, in a room adorned with blue and white ribbons, globos, the national shield and the Salvadoran flag welcoming the attendees who little by little were filling the tables with candles that awaited them. mens, women, Older adults and children of all ages dressed in typical costumes of the Central American nation met with a single objective, celebrate the independence of your country in the distance, The Savior.

Yes OK, the weather was cold in the city, when entering the room the atmosphere was warm. Between cumbias, smell of coffee and pupusas, the curious talk between compatriots, the mix of accents and the wardrobe with shirts of the select; they all made it look like they were in a branch of El Salvador on Viking lands.

Folk dance of El Salvador. photo VD: Diego Recinos.

The act began with a family accent, everybody stand up, witnessed the presentation of a wreath placed next to a national flag. In the opposite corner, a legend that said “Two Hundred”, written with blue and white balloons. The master of ceremony announced the most emotional moment of the afternoon.

It was thus that the national anthem of the Republic of El Salvador sounded, Salvadorans rarely unite in large groups in favor of something, this time it was the hymn heard in unison. Between staccato voices, some other tear, goose bumps and the nostalgia that only being far from the homelands gives, the assistants sang the solemn national anthem that always unites them.

The act continued between allusive words, dances, declamations, raffles and food, folklore and its colors,  the contemporary music of El sombrero azul and the poem Cañal en flor, the celebration started with applause from the attendees.

Patricia godinez, Salvadoran ambassador to Sweden, express: “This is an opportunity to commemorate” and he continued “a moment to feel proud as Salvadorans, being out of the homeland, we are all ambassadors of a country ”. thus concluded the diplomat.

But nevertheless, something was missing, the looks of the assistants, between activities, They were heading to the west side of the room, then they smelled a singular smell, an aroma that only Salvadorans can distinguish, nothing can be complete without a pupusa and a coffee. No act, no talk and less a celebration. In a cheerful voice the ambassador said: "This is a symbolic event to promote our culture". And having said this, a man of medium height with a turned up mustache, entered the living room with a cart that carried plates with pupusas, in the act, several attendees applauded.

the music started to play, cumbia overshadowed the questions of several attendees who said to themselves, Why had they put forks and knives? But nevertheless, there was still something to come, They were the typical dishes of the delicious quesadillas and Salvadoran coffee.

The day passed with the serenity that good eating gives, for Matilde Ibarra, a woman in her sixties living in Sweden for three years, this was part of an expected celebration. “Everything smells good, the dances were beautiful, but they needed to dance "the cutters". Meanwhile, another of the assistants, a young woman from Saint Vincent studying languages ​​at a Swedish university, things have a different hue. “They treated us differently, it was better, Before there were no chairs to sit down to eat. But, maybe, they could have invited more compatriots ”. Kenya Ramírez Express.

The afternoon and its rays of sun gave way to the dark and cold Swedish Nordic night, the assistants when leaving, they were hiding the shirts with national allegories with their coats for the faint cold of autumn. Reality returns to their lives after a slight oasis that was to feel their home in the middle of the Scandinavian country of northern Europe.