Salvadorans in Madrid commemorate the Independence of El Salvador

Celebration of the independence day of El Salvador, in Madrid. photo VD: Dennis Aguillón.

By Dennis Aguillón

Salvadorans living in Madrid, Spain, gathered to commemorate the Independence of El Salvador, event organized by the Association of the Voice of Salvadorans in Spain.

The activity was attended by the diplomatic corps headed by its ambassador Mauricio Peñate, and a retinue, together with the president of the organizing association.

In a single voice, the compatriots sang the notes of the national anthem, then from the prayer to the flag, that's how the celebration began.

Attendees tasted typical dishes, the inevitable pupusas, traditional costumes, accessory raffles, and as a major prize a trip, round trip to El Salvador.

The atmosphere grew, to the rhythm of different traditional dances, dance contests, entire families, Adults, young people and children enjoyed it to the fullest.

The football fervor could not be absent, several wore their national team shirt and keep the hope alive that the Selecta has a chance to qualify for the Qatar World Cup 2022 after his demonstration against the United States and Honduras.

Clelia Alvarado and Isaías Hernández, a Salvadoran couple living in Madrid, celebrating the independence festivities. photo VD: Dennis Aguillón.

Clelia Alvarado and Isaías Hernández, a resident couple commented to us, "That this type of celebration, makes them proud, meet more salvadorans, it does not matter the thousands of kilometers that separate them, but they can feel at home, when listening to the cumbias, the hymn etc., it makes them give them goosebumps ", so expressed it.