Salvadorans in Houston closely followed the inauguration of Najib Bukele

By Maria Teresa Perez

Committee members New Ideas in Houston, Texas, They celebrated the inauguration of President Armando Bukele Najib Ortez.

this movement, organized by Humberto Navarrete, Salvadoran businessman freight, It is one, two groups, from the outside made proselytizing activities for New Ideas.

According to Navarrete, Bukele the president's speech is "hopeful and motivating, but also calls us to work for El Salvador we want ".

He added that the economy, the health system and public safety, are urgent issues that the new president must attend.

"We can not take to the streets for fear of being assaulted, you have to build schools and hospitals. We need medicines in hospitals ", pointed.

I have sworn to him, and this is serious. We pledge to work hard and make the country, a better place to live”, Humberto Navarrete says New Ideas Houston.

Likewise, Elizabeth Aguilar, Salvadoran, resident in a 28 years in the space city, He said that the new president, "Although young, is an experienced and eager to work ".

"We support, and especially believe in him ", express, Aguilar, who emigrated to the United States, leaving behind, his native Chalatenango.

One of the great aspirations of this group is to promote Salvadorans, from the outside, concrete proposals for the country's development.

They are hopeful that President Bukele listen to their proposals and concrete actions to "move forward, all together, to El Salvador ", they expressed.