Salvadoran consulate in Arkansas request

Photo VD / Courtesy: Salvadorians States to Arkansas.
By Lucia Erazo

The beauty of the renowned "natural state" of Arkansas, its low cost of living and employment opportunities attract more and more people who move from big cities in the United States where the lifestyle is faster, dangerous and a higher cost.

According to Real Estate Commission, every week 300 new people settle in the cities of Northwest Arkansas. Hispanic population, Salvadorans are the second most populous group, currently has around 60 a thousand people, according to data handled by activists.

The organization “Salvadorians States to Arkansas”, It has already become a priority to manage the opening of a Salvadoran consulate in that state.

"Currently, consular processing required to lose between one or two days of work because the nearest Salvadoran consulate is located in Dallas, Texas; getting there requires driving five hours of round five return ", Paz says Aguilar, Salvadoreños directive Member States to Arkansas.

"Imagine if you have to process passport and DUI, as emit different entities and not delivered to the instant involve making four trips ", Add Jose Sanabria, Salvadorian president States to Arkansas.

Added to that, "Many Mexicans do not have documents to move freely, which means paying for someone to take; but nevertheless, It has passed that the authorities have arrested and charged with trafficking by driving undocumented, Fortunately, This time it was just the shock, It not happened more ", recalls Sanabria.

"Here the Salvadoran community has been calling for years to improve services. It is something that urges us. We have already collected signatures, made requests and trained people to handle the consular window ", Sanabria and Aguilar match.

The consulate comes twice a year, on the last visit they were delivered 360 passports in two days. further, population is open from nearby states like Missouri and Oklahoma.

Salvadorians States to Arkansas attempted to communicate with Foreign Ministry to make the request, in earlier dates it was difficult due to the change in government in recent months.

Photo VD / Courtesy: Salvadorians States to Arkansas.