Salvadorans with TPS seek permanent residence and ask for help from President Bukele

Photo VD / Carmen Rodriguez
Salvadorians were waiting outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, where President Najib Bukele met with representatives of the National Alliance TPS.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Washington, U.S. There is nothing worse for an immigrant to live with the uncertainty of illegal immigration and thinking that he can be deported to their country of origin at any time. At least, this is the feeling of near 250 thousand Salvadorans living in the United States with Temporary Protected Status (TPS, for its acronym in English).

Because, Salvadoran members of the National Alliance TPS met Tuesday with President Najib Bukele in Washington for help through consulates and they continue to work with the logistics to fight for permanent residence.

José Palma, coordinator of the National Alliance TPS, He said the President promised to help and “manage an extension of TPS for the community “hill is until” generally one, breathe, but to continue fighting, because in the end we know that the only thing that will give us peace of mind is to achieve permanent residence”.

The coordinator also said that Bukele promised to “coordinate with governments of other countries with TPS to seek a united front and to send a message of unity that benefits all people who have TPS”.

As well, sponsor “a delegation of young children “tepesianos y tepesianas” to travel to El Salvador and make a connection to know their country”.

Palma said the president will work from his government for the Temporary Protected Status is a project of unity and well ” making the TPS become a permanent benefit ".

Cristina Morales, beneficiary status, the situation is a constant struggle “because if we do not fight we will not drop anything from heaven” and he said the meeting with the President was good. “He is aware that some already have more than 30 years in this country and that we are Salvadoran workers, we have contributed not only to this nation, but also to El Salvador. He is aware of the effort that Salvadorans do in this country ".