Salvadorians celebrate the transfiguration of the Divine Savior of the World in Milan, Italy

photo VD: Rosy Figueroa.
By Rosy Figueroa

As is tradition every August, Salvadoran diaspora in northern Italy keeps alive the tradition of celebrating the transfiguration of the Divine Savior of the World. Popular party and religious character symbolizing the transfiguration of Christ on Mount Tabor, as explained by the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 17, verses 1 al 6.

From the 2001, Salvadoran community “Monsignor Romero”, he felt the need to have something more representative and iconic of El Salvador. It was thus was born the idea of ​​bringing an image of the Divine Savior of the World, made by a sculptor from the west of the country (Ataco), which it has the peculiarity to use very specific techniques, Salvadoran style sculptor.

As we tell the board members that period, It was not easy to realize that dream of having the picture in Milan, because with a lot of effort raised funds for making payments artwork, as well as for transportation that would take her to Europe.

This process went through obstacles, because the image was arrested in Italy on suspicion Customs drug transportation. It's there, when in 2003 consular authorities involved, by Ricardo Cisneros, Consul General of El Salvador. With its diplomatic efforts succeeded in the image will enter Italian soil, custody of them.

The ex-consul Cisneros, in an exclusive interview with the Voice of Diaspora, enthusiastically recalls the fervor of the community and the joy with which he was received the image of the Divine Savior of the World. Thus from 2003, Salvadorans in Milan have the image in church Schuster Center, Salvadorans house in northern Italy.