Salvadoran woman freezes to death in Texas

Lorena Elizabeth Delgado Guillen, Salvadoran, originally from Ilobasco, Cabins.

By: Deysi Dominguez

The recent snowfall that occurred in the United States, in February, caused the death of Lorena Elizabeth Delgado Guillen, of 23 years, Salvadoran nationality, who was found frozen in the open in the city of Carrizo Springs, in the state of Texas.

The young woman was originally from Ilobasco, Cabins, The Savior, who from the past 9 February, He stopped informing his relatives about the route of his trip that he made illegally to the United States.

But nevertheless, Lorena always maintained communication with her relatives, but the last thing he sent to a relative was a photograph, in which he informed them that he was one step away from reaching the United States.

That photograph was key to identifying it, and find her body, since with that outfit they would have frozen to death, reported an eyewitness who was traveling with her, who could not hold out and surrendered to the authorities.

This is how a person of Guatemalan origin gave statements and did not want to issue his name, However, he was the one who informed the border patrol that a few meters from where he was, Lorena's frozen body lay.

Salvadoran authorities in Texas have already informed the family of the location of the young woman's body, while their relatives in El Salvador are looking for help to collect the amount of money they need, to be able to repatriate the body of the young woman and give her a holy burial.