1 October, 2022

Salvadorean covered the DACA graduated with honors and gets scholarship at prestigious US university

By Deysi Dominguez

Stephanie Michelle Soto Mangandi, daughter of Salvadorans, and who just turned 18 years last 2 of June, He has managed to obtain two degrees and graduate with honors in Maryland, U.S.

The 26 August this year, Young will start the race in "Technology and Science", at Harrisburg University in Pennsylvania, after obtaining a scholarship that will cover the 80 percent of expenses.

His family crossed the US border in the 2006, when Stephanie just had, 5 years. His fate was Maryland, where they stayed and began a new life.

"My mother is the one who has always been with me, It brings me and takes me everywhere. She has always taken care of us at home my brother and me, while my dad works ", Stephani said.

She was part of Salvadoran 105 students who graduated this year in the state of Maryland, and they obtained two diplomas: one at the High School and another at the College simultaneously.

Stephanie said that in this country, There are many opportunities for young people, “only to be exploited to the fullest, because here nothing is free, all you have to win pure sacrifice ".

Because of the immigration status of your family, that on several occasions he has felt frustration, but this was no reason not to advance their studies.

She's covered the DACA program (Deferred action for childhood arrivals).

"The setbacks we've had have been very hard, but we never gave up. Now I am very happy for having given me the maximum and achieve my goals ", said young.

Recently, He posted a video with the message: "Normally I do not publish much of my family or personal life online, why? Because I'm scared. I'm scared, because there is much hatred for undocumented immigrants. Frightened because I mistreat, because of my immigration status ", he added.

further, She said she was afraid of how they classify and discriminate against those who come to this country with the only hope of changing their living conditions.

However, He recognizes that despite these difficulties he faced his entire family, she strove to achieve their goals. He considers that this is the reward they deserve their parents.

his approach

according to Stephanie, one of the keys to his success was to have remained always engaged in student activities and select your group of friends at school.

Likewise, thanks his parents for the sacrifice, time and love that have dedicated, as it believes that this is very important for a person to succeed in life.

"I forced myself to do my best in my education. This is the least I could give my parents, who suffered so much in coming here, to seek better opportunities ", Stephanie said.

"Proud of my daughter"

Norma Estela Mangandi de Soto is your mother, who that was worth the time and all the sacrifices that have gone through the process of education of her daughter.

"It takes a lot of effort, but it is achieved. Due to immigration status doors close, but if one looks for them, finds ", He pointed out the proud mother.

Within the sacrifices she made as a mother, He was stop working and devote one hundred percent to the care of their children.

He remembers that when her daughter was in seventh grade, He participated in a competition that performs NASA-level secondary education in Maryland. On that occasion, Stephanie won first place.

The prize was a trip to Alabama, but because of their immigration status, Stephanie could not accompany the student group.

However, his mother did not remain with folded arms and informed the representatives of NASA's situation. "As was minor, they allowed him to travel with your student ID. It was very beautiful to see her travel with them ", mother recalled.