Constitutional Chamber admits lawsuit against appointment of Arriaza Chicas

By Yaneth Estrada

The Constitutional Chamber admitted the lawsuit filed by citizen Ruth Eleonora López, in order for this court to declare the unconstitutionality of Executive Agreement number 14, of 02 June 2019, through which he appoints as Director General of the National Civil Police (PNC) to Commissioner Mauricio Antonio Arriaza Chicas.

This due to the alleged violation of articles 159 subsection 2 and 168 17th ordinal of the Constitution. “As, first, Arriaza Chicas holds the military rank of lieutenant in reserve and second, because it is a public and notorious fact that he has received military training”.

further, the precautionary measure requested by the plaintiff is dismissed, because you have not sufficiently argued the existence of reasons. Whereby, a period of 10 days days for the President of the Republic to report.

“Transfer to the Attorney General of the Republic for a period of ten business days, counted from the one following that of the respective notification, to rule on the claim of unconstitutionality raised by the plaintiff.

The secretary of this court must notify the transfer ordered at this point, immediately after the report of the President of the Republic has been received or the term has elapsed”, points the document.