Ruth Vega, actress of "La Cachada", passed away from unknown causes

Ruth Vega. Photo: Courtesy.
By Dennis Aguillón

Ruth Vega of 43 years, she was a theater actress, mother of two children, defender, fighter against domestic violence towards Salvadoran women and street vendor.

A happy woman, charismatic, with many dreams to fulfill, but he passed away last Tuesday 10 of November, This has been reported through a statement on the official account of La Cachada Teatro.

Until now, the causes that could have caused his death are unknown. Vega was originally from Quezaltepeque, La Libertad, south of the Salvadoran capital and was part of the cast "La Cachada", in addition to the work "If you had not been born", show that has been presented in Salvadoran theaters and theater, having international significance.

Cast of “The Cachada”. photo VD: Dennis Aguillón.

Vega's work has been seen in Japan, Spain, United States among other countries, where the works have generated great expectations and has won important awards such as the "European Union Medal" 2018.

So also the cultural associations, theater, who, actors and art schools, They have joined the pain of their partner and mourn the loss of who in life was a great artist and friend.