Rubén Batres suffered a boat accident

The selected beach player Rubén Batres suffered an accident in the boat he was traveling. Photo: Courtesy.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The SaviorThe pivot of the Salvadoran beach soccer team, Ruben Batres, He suffered an accident this morning when the boat that transported him from La Pirraya to Puerto Parada overturned.

The beach player fell into the water and suffered cuts on both legs, when colliding with the motor blades of the boat.

Rubén was taken out of the water by the former beach soccer team, Roberto Membreño, who happened to pass by the place where Batres suffered the accident.

“Rubén was going to a work meeting at the San Dionisio mayor's office when the boat got stuck and Rubén fell into the water. Luckily I was wearing thick pants and that prevented a more serious injury ", detailed the technical assistant of the beach team, Elijah Ramirez.

Meanwhile, raw rooster, Principal technician of the Azul de playa, confirmed, from the San Pedro National Hospital, from Usulután, that Batres was injured in both legs, especially in the ankles, but without serious damage.

"He did not break bones, no ligaments. Just the skin. Right now I was in the operating room, they were washing his wounds. It will stay in for a couple of days maybe, in observation", the coach detailed.

El presidente to honor del INDES, Yamil Bukele, he regretted what happened, and at the same time offered his support in the recovery of Rubén.

“We immediately contacted the authorities of the Ministry of Health and they confirmed that Rubén was stable and out of danger.. We will continue to monitor Rubén and let him know that he has our support, like the rest of the players and coaching staff of the beach soccer team that have given us so many joys ", emphasized the official.