Floyd's remains arrive in Houston, while the Police stand in solidarity with protesters

By Maria T. Morales

Houston will receive the remains of George Floyd in the next few hours, the African American who died in Minneapolis, at the hands of a policeman.

Floyd to be veiled Thursday and his funeral, will be held the next day in Houston, the city that saw him born and grow. Despite what this represents, there will be no curfew, no requests for support for the National Guard.

Police, who has shown solidarity with the city community, said he is on alert to prevent violent groups, infiltrated among the protesters, act.

Since Saturday, Houston police authorities and other law enforcement agencies began the task of preventing protests, turn violent and end in looting, destruction and arrests, as it happened in other cities of the country.

This week an autopsy performed on Floyd's body, determined that he died of suffocation, caused by pressure on the neck and back, what did the police do. His death caused national anger in the United States.

Thousands of people poured into the streets, despite the restrictions that are maintained by the coronavirus outbreak and the curfews ordered in some cities and states of the american union.

At least, nail 60 a thousand people, among them thousands of Latin Americans, Concentrate on the streets to demand justice and an end to police brutality in the country. This demonstration was called by the Floyd family, in Houston.

Solidarity police

Police tolerance was put to the test when, in the midst of concentration, that took place on Las Américas Avenue and Discovery Green Park, until you reach the mayor's building, in the center of the space city, a group of protesters threw objects, bottles of water to a police contingent.

This action was instantly paralyzed, as protesters demanded non-violence, as Floyd's family repeatedly asked, since the nationwide protests have started.

Mayor Silvester Turner City, who has actively participated with the victim's family, in the organization of funeral honors, He said the protesters must be sure that their demands are heard and that Floyd's death will not be in vain..

Community leaders defending minority rights participated in the activity, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, students and local authorities who, together with police, dedicated 30 seconds of silence to honor Floyd's memory.

Funeral and COVID-19

The burial will take place on 8 June from noon to 6:00 p.m. en la Fountain of Praise Church, located in the 13950 Hillcroft Ave., in downtown Houston.

Boxing star Floyd Mayweather reportedly announced he will bear the costs of Floyd's funeral., which will take place on Friday 9 of June, in a place, an unknown, with the presence of only close family members in compliance with the protection measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But nevertheless, experts have pointed out that the massive protests could generate a re-emergence of the virus due to the difficulty of maintaining six feet of social distance, added to the fact that thousands of protesters also do not use face masks or masks.

Texas takes care of itself, Governor Abbott says

Governor Gregg Abbott has said that violence and vandalism have no place in Dallas Fort Worth, or anywhere in Texas.

Texas Governor said there is reason to be angry, “but that each person has the right to make their voice heard, to protest against injustice”.

Although President Donald Trump has said he will send the National Guard to control possible outbreaks of violence, the state chief has said he will not ask for federal aid because Texans can take care of each other, and that George Floyd's death must be met with peaceful protests.