Rescuers are looking for at least 40 missing victims of a landslide in El Salvador

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

El Salvador relief forces were searching on Friday morning for some 40 people who were reported missing after an avalanche that affected dozens of houses in a community located in the municipality of Nejapa, in the northern periphery of the Salvadoran capital.

The landslide of land and water caused by the heavy rains that affected the country in recent days, caused the death of some 7 people, including two children confirmed by the authorities in the early hours of the day.

Rescuers supported with dogs and special teams were looking for more victims, after residents in the affected communities stated that at least 40 people would have disappeared after the tragedy.

Lucia Sánchez de Erroa, of 59 years, Sandor Vladimir Erroa, of 17, Hector Alonso Chiliceo, of 33, Dinora Guadalupe Muñoz from Chiliceo, of 26, and Valeria Yamileth Chiliceo, of 8, would be the identities of some of those killed by the avalanche in Nejapa, according to Salvadoran Red Cross.