Rescue in China nearly a hundred dogs being slaughtered

By Dennis Aguillón

In the Chinese city of Yulin, a significant rescue was carried out of almost a hundred dogs that were to be slaughtered for consumption in a "festival" that generated much controversy.. The animals had been stolen from their owners and were rescued from a slaughterhouse by activists.

Every year at the end of June, coinciding with the beginning of summer (21 of June), a "dog meat festival" is held in Yulin.

As Humane Society International activists explain (HSI), in China the consumption of canine meat is approximately 10 million dogs per year, much of the dog meat has no safety control so there may be a risk of disease and other health problems.

This meat is generally traded illegally in the city market. For some it is a delicacy, for others it is an aberration asserted a Chinese activist who is against this practice.

Contrary to what is believed, this "festival" is not an ancient tradition, it was created in 2010 by dog ​​meat merchants to increase profits. The consumption of this meat had already been decreased as a culinary subculture in China, and there has never been such a “festival” before.

The rescued animals are transferred to a refuge center to be taken care of, and then they are sent to rescue centers around the country.