Republicans reject analyze evidence and witnesses at trial Trump

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

The demócatras received a setback, the first day of the trial against President Donald Trump, for obstruction of Congress and abuse of power.

His proposal for the process are presented more evidence, White House documents and witnesses was rejected by Republicans, for now contralan the vote in the Senate.

By 12 hours, Senators discussed the rules to be followed in the coming days to develop judgment and on other tests, most of which were rejected by the party of Trump.

The Republicans, seek to express the process and the end-as Trump also awaits- before the 4 February, day when the president directs his speech to the Union of the State.

Between Wednesday and Friday, It is expected that the group of senators who act as tax, at trial and defense attorneys Trump, present the evidence they have to present the case.

Once completed this presentation, It is expected to begin the arguments on both sides. Then, Senators are as a juror in the case, will 16 hours to ask the questions necessary to advance to the stage sigueinte.

On Tuesday at the start of the trial, Mitch McOnnell, Republican leader said his party seeks a process to be performed “fair”, but Democrats believe that the refusal to examine evidence, deviates from justice process.