Dominican Republic promotes book fairs in 2020 to encourage reading

In the picture Luesmil Castor, Fernando Berroa and Heberto Castillo.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The organizers of the San Rafael del Yuma Book Fair in Altagracia Province, they met this week with the authorities in order to finalize details about the holding of the meeting that seeks to promote reading.

The meeting attended by Heberto Castillo and Luesmil Castor was chaired by the new director of the National Book Fair of the Dominican Republic, Fernando Berroa.

The Yuma Book Fair, organized by the Cultural Club Dra. Evangelina Rodriguez Perozo, It is the first and so far the most important Book Fair in the eastern region of the country.

This is the eighth version of the fair that will take place on the days 5, 6 Y 7 from December, this time with the blended mode due to the coronavirus crisis.

The organizers said that as in previous years there will be lectures, and there will be literary contests, colloquia, courses and gatherings for book lovers, but also conducive to attracting new readers.

The municipality of Yuma is of great importance for the Dominican Republic, since it is the cradle where the outstanding writers Evangelina and Ramón Marrero Aristy were born.

From there, the interest of the authorities in promoting this type of activity, since according to the writer Fernando Berroa, the Directorate of Book Fairs seeks to promote culture within and outside the country with a broad work that goes beyond international fairs, regional and New York.

"We will provide support to all cultural enterprises in the national territory”, assured the also new director of the National Book Fair of the Dominican Republic.