Representatives of Joe Biden's government warn that “it is not time to emigrate to the United States "

photo VD: Nestor Sanchez.
By Anayansi Rivas

Biden government representatives, held a press conference in Mexico on immigration policy towards the United States.
Juan Gonzalez, director for the Western Hemisphere and Ricardo Zúñiga, Secretary of State and special envoy of the United States for the Northern Triangle of Central America, expressed their concern about the risk that Central Americans run when crossing the border, and especially today in times of pandemic.

It should be noted that the two central points of the meeting were: Take back the immigration system, however they emphasize "now is not the time to emigrate to the United States", and individuals who are not part of the program are being expelled through title 42.

In the second point, it was highlighted that when President Biden was vice president, he launched a plan “Alliance for Prosperity for the Northern Triangle”, (Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador), the only way to manage the migratory flow is to invest in the security and prosperity of Central America.

Zuniga, veteran diplomat with a lot of experience, is willing to work with the Central American countries that make up the Northern Triangle to combat corruption and manage migration with dignity, create opportunities for migrants not to expose their lives crossing borders to seek better life opportunities.