Inmates take hostage guards in Swedish jail

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By Diego Recinos

On Wednesday, two murder convicts in Hällbyanstalten prison took two guards hostage and barricaded themselves in a room.

The incident occurred at 12:30 noon this Wednesday in the security jail located north of Stockholm, found in Kvicksund, on the outskirts of Eskilstuna. When two convicted murderers barricaded themselves in a guard room where surveillance cameras were also covered. As hostages, two prison guards had been taken away.

A major operation was then started and negotiators and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service working group were called to the scene., as well as the police. Meanwhile, the head of security of the Swedish Prison Service, Jörgen From Nordin, reacted by describing the fact: "This is a very serious incident". While putting the institution in a state of emergency and launching a preliminary investigation into the kidnapping.

Meanwhile, the police put several patrols of different specialized branches in the place. In the afternoon, a helicopter joined the operation. “We have deployed several units on the site. We want our colleagues and others involved in the case to work quietly. That is why we ask the public and journalists to keep their distance ", says police spokeswoman Angelica Israelsson Silfver.

Newly sworn in Prime Minister Stefan Löfven commented on the hostage situation during his visit to Norway, where you participate in the Utøya massacre memorial day. "Of course it is a very serious situation. I don't have all the details now, but we follow them closely, especially through our authorities. We will make sure to fix it asap”, he told Norwegian TV2.

Hällby Prison has 98 squares and is one of the seven Swedish class institutions 1 of security, the highest level for closed institutions. The ability to prevent leaks, release attempts and continued crime, determines the security class of a prison.

The burden on Swedish institutions is high and in 2020 the occupancy rate in fixed places was on average higher than 100 percent, according to the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. In addition to the 98 locations in Hällby, there are a number of so-called emergency locations to manage the pressure. Places make two inmates share a room or other spaces become living rooms.

In 2004, two inmates barricaded themselves in jail with a custody as a hostage. She was threatened with a self-made stabbing weapon before the prisoners voluntarily surrendered after hours of negotiation..

They free a hostage

At 19:30 hours Wednesday night (swedish time), the Swedish Prison and Probation Service announced that one of the caretakers who had been taken hostage had been released. "One of the prison guards has been released and is physically unharmed. The person is cared for according to the routine. The other prison guard is still hostage. The negotiation work continues ", writes the press service of the authority.

According to a police source, the inmates' demand is that they surrender 20 kebab pizzas (cutting and cooking traditional middle eastern meat). Stina Lyles, A press delegate from the security directorate of the Swedish Prison Service could not confirm what caused the kidnapping, but he says it could be pizza delivery. "I can not confirm it, but it looks like this. There is a negotiation in progress and it is quite common in such situations ", express.

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