President of the Central Bank of El Salvador resigns after accusations of fraud against

By Yaneth Estrada

President of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) From El Salvador, Carlos Federico Paredes, He left office Tuesday. The officer faces trial for fraud.

BCR officially issued a statement in which he said Paredes resigned, but the document does not detail the reasons. But nevertheless, the former official told local media that deposed his office because the president asked Najib Bukele so.

According to Paredes he told El Diario de Hoy, both President, like his brothers, family and friends who work in the government knew of this judicial process. According to the indictment, Defrauded walls with $700 three thousand people in a housing project in exclusive area of ​​the country.

About, Carolina Recinos, head of government cabinet, He said the resignation of the president of the BCR is for personal reasons.