Hard-fought election battle paints the American map

By Maria T. Morales

Little by little, the electoral map begins to be painted red and blue as the count of the popular vote that counts to win electoral votes and elect the president number advances. 46 from United States.

Until now, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, former president of the United States, carries 119 electoral votes won from 270 you need to occupy the oval office of the White House.

While, el presidente Donald Trump, who seeks re-election, so far it takes 92 electoral votes won.

Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky decided for him republican candidate.

Likewise, Democrat Biden won in the states of Maryland, Delaware, Massachussets y New Jersey.

The forecasts, Until now, very reserved, they generate nervousness. On a tour of Harris County communities, one of the largest in the american union, Voice of the Diaspora confirmed the presence of many policemen.

The possibility of outbreaks of violence has put on alert, nationwide, to public security authorities, and big tech stores like Apple, as well as hotels have stepped up security this election night.

The votes counted so far do not clearly show who could be the next head of state of the American Union.

While waiting for the results of key states like California, Texas and Florida keep both campaigns in suspense, as well as the voters.

California is a Democrat, while Florida and Texas are Republicans. But nevertheless, one of these states could make a difference. Hope for Republicans centers on Texas, while Democrats believe the Lone Star status could come as a big surprise by changing from red to blue.