26 November, 2022

Religiosity and Postmodernism

Christmas tree with its traditional Nativity. photo VD: Anayansi Rivas

By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado

The traditions and customs of the religiosity of Salvadoran Catholics are disappearing as they are covered by postmodernity, that advances galloping accompanied by transculturation.

Within the homes of this country, Christmas tree, with its ornaments and colored lights, they are displacing the traditional "Nativity" as the scene of the Nativity of Jesus, the "Child God", in this month of december.

Postmodernity and consumerism of goods and services, they have imposed on us the "Christmas tree", what has left the green color, to dress in multiple colors and countless little Christmas figures, and different sizes can be assembled. Today this tree occupies a preferential place in the living room of the house or in an office.

As for the tasty "chicken tamales", they continue to enjoy themselves at Christmas dinner. However in many Salvadoran homes, the "tamales" have been replaced by the "turkey", chompipe o guajolote, as it happens in Salvadoran families living in the United States.

Meanwhile, the hug and greeting of "Happy Easter" continues., this year will be with certain limitations to avoid contagion of Covid-19.