Relations between France and Italy deteriorates

By Engelbert Pérez Maldonado

Although they are neighboring countries, Italy and France have never had the best diplomatic relations. But nevertheless, since the government of populist Luigi Di Maio came to power, this relationship worsened, especially because the Italian gave his support “yellow vests”.

reacting, President Emmanuel Macron recalled its ambassador in Rome to protest the last action of the Italian leader of the Movement Five Stars (M5S). The accolade could go unnoticed to foreign policy, but it was because the character who challenged the nation Elicea, It is nothing more and nothing less than first vice minister of the Italian government.

Since last summer, the Italian government and the French, the extreme, one left and one right, with anti definition "establisment" against the European authority, They began to cross strong and adjectives tones that do not help the unity of the continent.

Di Maio gave his public support for the movement “yellow vests” the 7 last January, urging them not to lose heart in the struggle that made Saturday to Saturday in the streets of major French cities, up to meet the leader, Chistoph Chalencon, Last Tuesday.

The reaction of the French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, It took two days because he was in Washington to discuss issues anti Islamic State. But upon returning, He called these actions of interference in the internal affairs of France.

Di Maio said he is in tune with the French movement, since the town is a friend of M5S, and also he added that Macron on "numerous occasions has offended our party in government". Ally in the rightist government and leader of the Lega, Matteo Salvini expressed his desire not to fight anybody, but against France "they have already put the mejías", He said.

Lawsuits between the two countries increased, because of the lack of solidarity in Europe with Italy, in hosting mode immigrants and expulsion of illegal attempting to cross the border into France, from Italian territory.

Salvini, meanwhile, accuses France of extreme controls apply to commercial trucks crossing borders, Di Maio warns that while the wave of African immigrants is a consequence of neocolonialism in Africa, that exploits and impoverishes the population.

France does not intend to withdraw its ambassador, but calls for a warning to the current Italian government, what some analysts visualized as political campaigns of both governments before the next European elections.