10 August, 2022

They reiterate a complaint against a Canadian mining company for contamination

They denounce mining exploitation that the Canadian company BLUESTONE RESOURCES, will be made in amine "White Hill".

By Luis Alberto López

The Savior – Mayors of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador forming the Rio Lempa Border Trinational Commonwealth, in the Trifinio region will denounce the social effects, economic and environmental, that may be caused by the mining exploitation that the Canadian company BLUESTONE RESOURCES, will be made in amine “White Hill”.

According to the complaint, this Canadian capital company that owns the “Cerro Blanco” Mine located in the municipality of Asunción Mita, Jutiapa, Guatemala, has started open pit mining to extract gold and other precious metals.

In order to extract those metals, the Canadian company uses cyanide and arsenic, two highly toxic and carcinogenic heavy metals, which cause a series of effects on human health, to ecosystems, and all forms of life, on his tour of the Lempa river basin, say leaders of environmental organizations and municipal authorities in the region, even the Salvadoran Catholic Church has repeatedly spoken out on this problem.

The mine “White Hill” It is located in the sub-basin of the Ostúa river., Guatemala, contributing its waters to Lake Guija, to later integrate it into the Lempa River, considered the backbone of El Salvador, because of its economic importance, environmental and social.

The Lempa River, in all its course, supplies water for irrigation to various irrigation districts (10 thousand hectares for agricultural irrigation purposes), Likewise, supplies water for human consumption to more than a million people in the metropolitan area of ​​San Salvador, among other uses.

According to the complainants, the contamination of the Lempa River with heavy metals will cause irreparable effects on human health and ecosystems, which would be putting at risk the already affected quality of life of the Salvadoran populations that depend on such an important trinational river.

for this tuesday, June 7, the mayors of the municipalities of the Trifinio region of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador together with environmental technicians from the Lempa River Trinational Border Association, They will announce their position on this issue and the implications for the population of the mining exploitation carried out by the Canadian company. BLUESTONE RESOURCES.