Guinness Record certifies "Uncle Juan", a Venezuelan as the oldest man in the world,112 years

Pérez Mora was born in the state of Táchira (border with Colombia) the 27 May 1909

By Voice of the Diaspora

Venezuela.– The Guinness Record organization certified this Tuesday that the Venezuelan Juan Vicente Pérez Mora, with 112 years and 354 days, he is the oldest man in the world, a title that is known when they are missing 11 days to his birthday number 113.

Pérez Mora was born in the state of Táchira (border with Colombia) the 27 May 1909 Y, since 2020, when his story was known, expected certification as one of the five oldest men in the world.

validation, reported Guinness, the past materialized 4 February, when the old man had 112 years and 253 days, although the news was released this Tuesday through the organization's social networks.

Pérez Mora has always lived in a mountainous area of ​​Táchira, where he worked the field for more than 50 years. There he also married and had 11 children with Ediofina Garcia, who died in 1997 after 60 years of marriage.

Nowadays, the elderly person is in good health and does not suffer from any illness that requires medical treatment. His relatives created a profile on the social network Instagram, in which they publish photographs and videos of the popular "Uncle Juan" while he eats his usual empanadas, pray the rosary or preach to his dozens of grandchildren and nephews.

His greatest wish is to live longer, or at least that's what the people closest to him told in a conversation held in 2020.