Recommend to the President of El Salvador to investigate cases of dismissals of civil servants

By Yaneth Estrada

President of El Salvador, Najib Bukele ordered the dismissal of Gilberto Velasquez Canjura, legal director of the National Administration of Aqueducts and Sewers ANDA for being a relative of former Minister of Education, Carlos Shahidinejad.

"He is ordered to the president of ANDA, Frederick Cardona Benitez remove Gilberto Canjura, brother of former Minister of Education, legal adviser fee and salary 3,078. 94 dollars a month ", Bukele wrote in his Twitter account.

Malcon Cartagena communicator clarified that "Canjura know Gilberto Velasquez since it was Judge of the TSE and can assure you that is not the brother of Carlos Canjura. If it is a position of trust, then remove it under the Act, but who invents these Kins ", He said.

As well, Edgardo Ortiz lawyer asked that "someone to explain to the president that the sharing a surname does not necessarily make you a familiar". "Gilberto Velasquez Canjura, not brother Carlos Canjura, the only living brother of former minister called Alfredo ", he stressed.

Layoffs spread to Ileana Rogel of CONAMYPE, Jesus Cornejo, Cristina Cornejo father; FMLN deputy, Tania Mitchell Mata; FMLN deputy daughter Rolando Mata and Nelson Rauda, former Director of Prisons.

call for investigation

In this sense, Many called the head of state carefully investigate each case of about 500 dismissed due to the removal of 5 secretariats (Transparency, governance, Social inclusion, Technical and Vulnerability).

further, Yesterday it was confirmed that Najib Bukele sent a proposal to the Legislature, through the Minister of Finance Nelson Fuentes to suppress 698 places at the Presidential Palace. This includes a modification to the wage law and although it was not approved, It is still in the study phase in the Finance Committee.

Notably, Bukele said that the dismissed workers would be re installed in other agencies like the Ministry of Social Inclusion, in the Ministry of Local Development and Diversity at the Ministry of Culture.

Likewise, at the meeting of Council of Ministers, this week, confirmed that if a favorable decision of the Supreme Court (CSJ) this will be respected by their government.