Rejection of controversial sexist cartel in Spain

By Dennis Aguillón

Since the emergence of social media, you can easily go viral a news, be good, bad or controversial ".

In this way, this macho poster quickly went viral, located in a bar in the province of Gijón, Spain.

From many feminist organizations that work for equality and the eradication of violence against women and the population in general, much controversy and consternation has been sown, of those who call it a "sexist burden" and have not generated any grace.

Shortly after, the bar immediately removed the poster, apologizing for the fact, justifying that it was an "inside joke", however this had already had a lot of echo.

The different organizations have strongly condemned this action, considering that it is a macho message and not a "joke". These behaviors are just a clear example of how important and necessary it is to educate in equality to eradicate sexist aggressions, the authorities must take action on the matter, have reiterated various sectors of society.

Similarly, stated that there has been a setback in the struggle that continues in favor of the rights and equality of women.

The president of the Town Council, Aridane Cuevas, ensures that the owners have explained the act. further, regrets that these types of messages are still present in society.