23 January, 2023

Gabriel Boric: the youngest president of Chile and Latin America

Gabriel Boric, the youngest center-left president in Chilean history. Photo: Courtesy.
By Dennis Aguillón

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See all posts in Chile 2011 See all posts in Chile. See all posts in Chile 2012 when he gained prominence by snatching the Student Federation of the University of Chile from the communist Camila Vallejo, one of the main faces of the left at that time. 

Along with other names of this generation, like Giorgio Jackson or Camila Vallejo, who today accompany him at the head of the candidacy, was part of a generation of young people willing to put in check an educational model inherited from the Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990).

without graduating, in 2014 his political life took a turn when he arrived at the  Congress, independent deputy for the Magallanes region called for reforms and targeted the traditional parties.

Already being as deputy Boric founded in 2016 the "Autonomist Movement" in order to renew the Chilean left and be an alternative to the traditional parties that maintained their political hegemony. But things were not easy for his movement, right-wingers and conservatives called him a "communist". 

Gabriel Boric will become the youngest president in the republican history of Chile, with 35 years now.  Former student leader elected president, he is an environmentalist, feminist and staunch critic of the neoliberal model installed during the military dictatorship and later consolidated in the transition, Boric was also the one who offered the deepest agenda of changes. Until now, who held that place is Manuel Blanco Encalada who governed his 36 years in 1826.

Notably, that in his first speech in the center of Santiago de Chile, affirmed that the country is facing "a change in the historical cycle" and that his Government "cannot waste it”, so expressed it. 

The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, and the second vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, have transferred their congratulations through Twitter to the Chilean president-elect, Gabriel Boric.

Sánchez stressed that Chile and Spain "will continue to strengthen their relations", while Díaz has considered that «hope has won over fear. The Chile of youth and women has won, democratic and progressive Chile».