Who was Gabriel Wortman?

Gabriel Wortman a dentist turned murderer, that put the Canadian authorities in check during 12 hours. The man of 51 years, is the alleged culprit in the largest shooting in the history of this North American country.

Canadian authorities presume that Wortman murdered - between Saturday night 18 and Sunday 19 of April- at least 18 people who lived in rural Nova Scotia province, in the small towns of Portequipe, Truro, Milford y Enfield.

After 8 hours of persecution, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police published in his TW account the photo of Wortman and from that moment the comments of those who knew him, were they your friends or were your neighbors, began to emerge on social networks and in the different media.

Who was the murderer in his own words?

The Canadian Press confirmed that Wortman graduated from Riverview High School in the year 1986. In this year's yearbook, A young Gabriel is seen describing himself doing wheelies on his Honda XR 500R motorcycle and going skiing with his friends.. Someone who dislikes "cold weather and English class".

The chilling note in this post, if we take as a reference what happened during this weekend, comes when we read that the Gabriel of 1986, hints at a future career as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer.

At this same time, Gabriel was friends with Lisa Brush, who on his Twitter account described him as “a good friend and an incredible person. Always smiling and always friendly ”.

At the end of the decade of the 80, Wortman attended the University of New Brunswick. There he became friends with the now comedian and tv host, Candy Palmater. In an interview with the Chronicle Herald, Palmater said Gabriel was a "dear friend" who even met his parents and other family members., and that together they were "inseparable" for at least a year.

“I always felt that he was not very comfortable with his own skin, but I thought that as I matured, would grow in himself… Gabriel always had sadness for him, but I was really surprised to learn that he had hurt other people. I don't know what his later adult life was like, but I can tell you that at university, people were not nice to him¨, Palmater sentence.

The comedian hinted that Wortman was harassed during his time as a university student: “He was a little different, as i am a little different, but he was beautiful and he had a very deep heart; but it was the worst part of the jokes of all”.

When I finished university, a Gabriel Wortman who was now a dentist, the province of Nova Scotia moved and over time, founded the Atlantic Dentures Clinic, with at least two branches: one in the city of Dartmouth and one in Halifax, the capital of the province.

Atlantic Denture Clinic, sucursal Dartmounth. Google maps photo.

The murderer who was considered an "angel"

In 2004, Wortman was famous throughout the province of Nova Scotia, after it was featured in a CTV News Atlantic report, a local television station. The story showed a generous dentist who donated false teeth for a single mother who had survived cancer but because of chemotherapy., he had lost all his teeth.

"My mother always told me that there are angels among us that walk on the face of the earth, and for me, that's what these people are”, expressed the beneficiary in reference to the donation of Wortman.

A helpful and very friendly neighbor

In the city of Portapique, where the tragedy that would end the life of 18 people over the past weekend, Neighbors who knew Gabriel Wortman described him as a high-class man, “Very kind and proud of his huge and beautiful house facing the Bay of Cobequid and his other properties”.

“Very, very surprised to think that someone we have known for so long, a good neighbor, a helpful and very friendly neighbor, would you ever think of making a tragedy”, Lillian McCormack held before the cameras of CTV News Atlantics on 19 of April.

The McCormacks don't just describe Wortman as a good and kind neighbor., if not also as a fantastic carpenter and mechanic.

Lillian McCormack and her husband during an interview for CTV News Atlantic.

But nevertheless, not everyone was surprised with Wortman's crimes. Nancy Hudson said she met the Canadian a few years ago. 18 years when he bought a property located a few steps from the alleged perpetrator's house.

Hudson said he once shared a campfire with his neighbors., witnessed a fight between Wortman and who at the time was his partner in fact (who is presumed to be among the victims of the shooting), and since then he considered that the dentist had "an unhealthy obsession" with his girlfriend and that "he used to be very jealous because the girl was very beautiful".

His relatives also confirmed to The Canadian Press, the fascination that since adolescence, the attacker had with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and those who knew his house said that it seemed to be a “Canadian security forces sanctuary”.

This strange attraction could explain why Wortman committed most of his crimes aboard a spell patrol and wearing a police uniform, something that for the authorities is sufficient evidence that the criminal had studied his bloody plan in advance.

“The fact that this individual had a uniform and a police car at his disposal certainly speaks to the fact that it is not a random act.”, the Nova Scotia RCMP criminal operations officer said, Chris Leather, at a press conference on Monday.

So far investigators continue to gather clues of 16 crime scenes in central and northern Nova Scotia. 5 of this 16 scenes, include burning buildings and houses, so they do not rule out that the number of victims of Gabriel Wortman, grow in the next few hours.