What to do if you are caught in the United States by the outbreak of coronavirus and her visa is about to expire?

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The measures adopted by many countries, because of the coronavirus pandemic that affects everyone, it also affected people who for various reasons were visiting a country.

Just as thousands of people, They are trapped and can not return to the United States, Also thousands of people can not leave the US territory, because the measures and border closures and airports worldwide.

But, What should people who are in this situation and can not leave the United States or permission to remain in the country is about to expire?

First, people “must submit an application for extension, It is known as I-539”, Migration says attorney, Roberto Sarmiento.

The application must be filed with the Citizenship and Immigration Service, US, known as USCIS, for its acronym in English.

Normally, This process has a cost of about 390 Dollars; but nevertheless, because of the extraordinary situation prevailing, the instance is not charging for the application for visa extension, Migration says attorney.

The request for extension of visa must be submitted, at least 45 days before the current document expires. Otherwise the person violates immigration laws and risks that life is canceled, He explained the lawyer.