What is the recognition of Son Meritísimo in El Salvador and who can receive it?

Posthumous recognition 2015, Son was named Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero Meritísimo.
By Carmen Rodriguez

The title Son or Daughter Meritísimo of El Salvador is the most important recognition that the Legislature delivered to a person in the country. Who is named with this title is someone who has contributed to the development or contributed to the Salvadoran culture.

To grant this recognition, is also taken into account that the legacy, the person appointed Son Meritísimo, It is important nationally and internationally and that legacy is recognized and respected by Salvadorans.

To get to the appointment there is a process. For this process to start one or more members of any fraction should give initiative or must promote recognition. Then the initiative passed to the Committee on Culture and Education, which analyzes and determines whether the nominee deserves recognition or not.


According to the requirements document sent to Reuters Health, by the Office of Congresswoman Patricia Valdivieso, after the initiative is presented, the Committee on Culture and Education has to receive general documents of the person nominated. further, who promotes the appointment has to expose details "facts or circumstances on which the petition is based".

Once delivered the identity of the person, an issued solvency annexed by the Attorney General's Office (PGR), in which it is confirmed that the applicant is solvent with bonds "regarding family housing and providing food".

As well, solvency must be submitted criminal record, police, tax solvency, municipal; It must also provide proof to determine that the postulate does not have any pending criminal case, on human rights violations.

And "proof of having no history or pending cases involving any type of crime, issued by "the Attorney for the Defense of Human Rights (Fddः) and another issued by the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR).

And among others, "Crowded and sufficient documents reliably check personal and professional merits invoked, and especially services and contributions, provided to the Republic and to Salvadorans ".

Who they have received recognition?

The list of Salvadorans and foreigners who have received the appointment of Meritísimo Son of El Salvador is long.

Among the figures that are now recognized with this appointment, are people who have died although still leaving a legacy to the country.

One of the people who received this posthumous recognition 2015, was Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero, well appointed with the highest title of the Catholic Church and included in the calendar of the institution in 2018.

It goes without talking about the historical legacy and contributions of this figure to the human rights of the country.

Another person who has received this recognition is Carlos Lopez Mendoza, Red Cross spokesman Salvadoreña, a man with a long history of commitment to Salvadorans at a time when the country has been hit by civil war or natural disasters.

Carlos Lopez Mendoza, Salvadoran Red Cross spokesman.

acknowledgments 2019

This year, two Salvadoran received an important appointment by the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly. The first was in July, for the entrepreneur Ricardo Poma. Poma deputies gave the "Order of Merit 5 of November 1811, Patria heroes of Independence for his "outstanding work" and its contribution to society through their foundations.

Businessman Ricardo Poma was recognized in July.

further, This year was also named as Meritísimo Son of El Salvador to the journalist Roberto Hugo Preza, Salvadoran journalists noted by labor sexual harassment and harassment. Channel director 21 It is being investigated by the Prosecutor, after this news agency published reports of several journalists who say in cases of sexual harassment.

According to the deputy Felissa Crystals is the Committee on Education and Culture which must respond if in the case of the journalist, "there was some omission in investigating and meet the requirements". In the minutes signed by the deputies to approve the appointment of journalist missing two firms.


This year was also named as Meritísimo Son of El Salvador, journalist Roberto Hugo Preza, Salvadoran journalists noted by labor sexual harassment and harassment.

In the event that any person nominated or appointed by that title, It has not fulfilled all the requirements or have a dubious moral reputation, any Salvadoran you may ask the Legislature to be the distinction is withdrawn.