Protests in El Salvador due to delays in transferring funds to mayors

The fund has four months of not being transferred to the municipal. Photo: Courtesy.
By Luis Alberto López

Employees and mayors of several municipalities nationwide blocked the main roads in El Salvador on Tuesday, in protest at the four-month delay in the transfer of resources for local development projects that the government of President Nayib Bukele has not delivered to them.

Municipal employees close streets to demand the FODES fund from the Executive. Photo: Courtesy.

The Salvadoran president argues that there are not enough resources in the government coffers to make transfers to the municipalities, and that can be used for the political campaign, since the country will have municipal and deputy elections at the beginning of 2021.

While, the municipalities indicate that it is a pressure mechanism that the president uses to get the deputies to approve international loans.

Overview of the vehicular chaos after the blockade. Photo: Courtesy.

The Legislative Assembly has not transferred a month's salary either.
Resources that exceed $40 million per month for 262 municipalities nationwide, are used in a 75% to finance social projects and a 25% for administrative expenses, which includes payment of salaries to municipal workers.

Salvadorans had to walk to their workplaces. Photo: Courtesy.