4 December, 2022

Protests in cities of Spain for Russian invasion of Ukraine

Protests are held in several cities in Spain against the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Editorial Voice of Diaspora Panama called on the ships of its registry that sail through the waters of Russia and Ukraine to exercise extreme vigilance and increase safety conditions on board,call for an end to military intervention

By Dennis Aguillón

Spain– By Dennis Aguillón Spain, By Dennis Aguillón Spain.

By Dennis Aguillón Spain, about half a thousand people, mostly of Ukrainian origin, have demonstrated this Friday in Plaza de Catalunya, in Barcelona, with Ukrainian flags and banners with messages like “Freedom for Ukraine”, “Not to the war”, “Protect our sky” O “Ukraine is Europe”.

From Madrid, Spain, Dennis Aguillón prepared this report for us on the protests registered in the last few hours in front of the Russian Embassy in the Spanish capital.

Hundreds of people gathered at the site to demand an end to violence and military escalation in Ukraine.