Protests against the Government of Nayib Bukele, they go through San Salvador

Protests against the Government of Nayib Bukele. Photo: Courtesy.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior – A considerable group of people have walked the streets of San Salvador this morning, to protest the recent measures adopted by the Government of Nayib Bukele and what they consider threatens the democracy of El Salvador.

Union groups, citizen associations and individuals, expressed their dissatisfaction with the Bitcoin Law, the intentions to reform the Constitution and the possible reelection of the president, among other controversial measures that Nayib Bukele has promoted.

The call circulated a few days ago on social networks and has managed to gather a significant number of people who marched exposing with posters their dissatisfaction with the actions of the current government.

The protests were joined by some political personalities and social activists.

Ricardo Navarro, president of CESTA, gives statements on the current situation of the country.
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