They predict 8 hurricanes and 16 storms for 2020

By Maria T. Morales, Houston, Texas

The national hurricane season has officially started, and authorities in the United States are preparing to face a bleak forecast for the next five months.

It is 2020 has surprised many. The National Hurricane Center warns that this season the danger and negative effects may be greater than in previous years.

Officially the season begins on 1 June and ends on 30 November and according to the forecast, at least six hurricanes could be very powerful, with winds of up to more than 178 kilometers per hour.

Forecasts indicate that both hurricanes, like storms, They will bring with them strong winds and floods that could occur along the United States coast or in any territory facing the Atlantic or Pacific oceans..

The guide to facing hurricanes in 2020 has some changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic; today, this includes hand sanitizer, soap, sanitizing towels and fabric face covers.

Likewise, it is noted that in case of evacuation to community shelters or shelters, family members should stay together, and keep six foot distance, with people who are not part of the same family group.

According to the new provisions, anyone over the age of two, you will need to wear a face mask or cloth cover while staying in shelters or shelters.

"Storm surges are historically, the leading cause of death related to hurricanes in the United States ”, authorities stressed.

Spin, don't drown! (Turn Around, Don’t Drown)

As a preventive measure, authorities launched a campaign to raise awareness in people. The goal is to avoid fatalities while the season occurs.

The idea is that the population knows what to do with the following messages:

  • Do not walk, do not swim or drive in flood waters
  • Only six inches of moving water is enough to knock him down, and a foot of water for the torrent to drag the vehicle
  • Stay away from fast moving water bridges
  • Evict if you are told to do so
  • Go to higher ground or higher floor
  • Stay where you are

First event in the Pacific

Only a few days after the season officially started, the first tropical storm in the Pacific was recorded. It's about Amanda, that in the last hours, flogs Guatemala, The Savior, Belize and Honduras.

The National Hurricane Center noted that this phenomenon could remain until the middle of this week in the area. Guatemala and El Salvador report numerous floods, overflowing rivers and thousands of affected.

Despite the damage, It is not yet defined if this storm could become a tropical depression. The advice is to stay alert and listen to the recommendations of the authorities of each country.

"Regardless of the formation of tropical cyclones, Heavy rains are likely to continue in parts of southern Mexico, Guatemala, The Savior, Belize and western Honduras in the coming days, They warned the authorities.