30 November, 2022

Promote greater access to European markets for Central American SMEs

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Center for Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI, for its acronym in Dutch) organizes a mission targeting the European market for producers and exporters of specialty coffees and high quality part in the initiative “Connecting Central America”.

this initiative, funded by the European Union EU and the Netherlands, It aims to strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises Central, and promote its exports to the European market, taking advantage of the partnership agreement between the EU and Central America.

The delegation consists of 26 SMEs Coffee Costa Rica, The Savior, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, The Savior, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama.

The mission will take participants to the Netherlands and Germany, where they will learn the trends, opportunities and distribution channels specialty coffee in the European market. This will be done through meetings with European importers and roasters, trainings and workshops. further, tours will be held at the Hamburg harbor, coffee to stores and the most important fair of specialty coffee industry called "World of Coffee 2019" in Berlin.

The mission also provides an opportunity for interaction, the exchange of knowledge and experience between companies and coffee institutions in six Central American countries.

During the mission, Central American companies begin the process of preparing its export plan, which it includes a specific component on Corporate Social Responsibility. The export plan will help participants to understand the needs and opportunities for your business, to develop a marketing strategy and an action plan for the European market.

The European market represents almost 30% World coffee consumption. It is a stable, saturated market, but there is a strong tendency to replace low-quality coffees certified coffees and high quality. Central America Arabica coffees produces high quality and multiple environmental certifications, in excellent position to respond to this European trend.