11 August, 2022

Salvadoran professionals create corporate communication company in the middle of the pandemic

Assistants in a training given by Integral Communication experts, in San Salvador. Photo: taken from social networks.
By Maria T. Morales

The Savior – When the pandemic turned the world upside down, a couple of Salvadoran journalists, who had already lost their jobs, they thought their profession was over and set out to create other ways to get ahead.

They designed a contact list and created relationships; the result was the birth of a corporate image company whose experience was shared with Voice of Diaspora.

Alonso rivera, with a life dedicated to journalism, in addition to being a farmer and with 15 years of experience as a publicist, with one of his former co-workers, Nancy hernandez, launched into the world of corporate communication.

Nancy hernandez, communication strategist, digital marketing and corporate image, in El Salvador. and Alonso Rivera, Director of Integral Communication. Photo taken from Social networks.

Comprehensive communication, was born at the beginning of this year driven by the need and the challenge of not standing idly by. "We have won clients and they have believed in us", Rivera said.

Just at the time when businesses had been closed due to the pandemic and the dreams of many were cut short, These two Salvadoran entrepreneurs opened their imaginations and dared to draw up a plan under the conviction that the pandemic would not be forever.

That which began as a training organization in oral and corporal expression, today, after several months, has become acompany with a variety of communication services, marketing, image and brand.

Rivera and Hernández, at the head of the company, are supported by seven more professionals, Who, With their long experience and trajectory they offer a variety of services that, according to them, adapt to customer needs.

"We not only provide a service and now. We become friends with our clients ”said Rivera, when referring to the strategies that have led them to gain confidence in the corporate communication market.

Hernández, who serves as executive director, for his part, he added that the success of this undertaking is due to the definition of business objectives and the constant evaluation of plans. If it is necessary to redesign, must be done, he emphasized.

Importance of a crisis plan

For Hernández, one of the biggest challenges for corporations, regardless of its size, is the lack of a crisis management plan. Lthe Integral Communication function, in this case, it is to seek the strategy that leads to strengthening the corporate image of the company.

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