Nevada Products invests more than $100 million in Panama

Photo: Courtesy.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

From the 2013 when Dos Pinos acquired the Nevada Plant until the closing of 2020, the company invested in Panama more than $119 million in different projects, including a recent lactose-free milk production line.

During that period it generated more than 250 direct jobs in the production plant and other 2,000 places through the logistics operator that reaches more than 8,000 Outlets nationwide.

As part of the growth strategy, the company expanded the line to process lactose-free milk to accommodate the production of semi-skimmed and lactose-free Delactomy from Dos Pinos, which will also be produced at the plant located in the province of Chiriquí, west of the country.

The General Manager of Nevada Products, Andrés Solís said that the new line of lactose-free milks arises as part of the business vision, whose goal is to expand the company, and strengthen Panamanian productive activity by supplying local raw materials, which has a direct impact on the country's economic growth.

Solís explained that there is a commitment that to the extent the new line of lactose-free milk can be supplied with national production, the purchase of local milk can be gradually increased.

At present “we are in need of receiving immediately 50 thousand liters per day of Grade A milk in addition to what we are buying ", added Solís.

Nevada Products buys the 45% of total Grade A milk from local producers nationwide with a daily average purchase of just over 133.000 liters to more than 170 ranchers farms, according to the company.

"These extensions are intended to strengthen the Panamanian productive sector and provide consumers with products that provide nutrition, Health & Wellness", he added.

The company opened operations in Panama more than 28 years, and the plant that opened in 1992 is a pioneer in the production of milk in long-life packaging (UHT).

At present it is also the largest collector of Grade A Milk in the national industry.