11 August, 2022

technical problems in the Democratic primaries in the United States

Follow NPR's live coverage of the Iowa caucuses.

Follow NPR’s live coverage of the Iowa caucuses.

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

Monday, Democrats held the first public meeting, known as caucus, an Iowa, ahead of the election of the Democratic candidate who will go to the presidential race against President Donald Trump.

But nevertheless, when they had to make themselves known results, at night, the ratings completed, representatives of the party said that these had to be delayed due to technical problems.

No further details, Democratic spokesmen told the local media that they had “inconsistencies” in reports of results. Tuesday morning, also said the results will be known before dusk that day.

In the inner race, 11 candidates, including former Vice President Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Liberal Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren, They measured their forces in the first primary election of the party.

In a press release, the Democratic Party made it clear that the technical problems have nothing to do with interference to the system or hacker attempts to intervene in the results.