17 August, 2022

Canadian Prime Minister presents his plan against climate change

Oscar Vigil

Toronto. Glen. Canadians have not gone unnoticed in recent years alerts extreme cold or extreme heat in the country are becoming more frequent. According to scientists, that's one of the simplest signs that show dramatic climate change and global warming that the planet is suffering.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, It ensures that climate change is an invention, que son “fake news”, but nevertheless, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, considered a serious threat to the planet and this week the plan presented in Toronto that his government is implementing to combat.

In the presence of the media and about a thousand people gathered at the Danforth Music Hall, located in the east of the city of Toronto, Prime Minister spoke about the threat posed by climate change on the planet, and the actions you are taking, between them, tax carbon emissions.

He took the opportunity to lambaste the governments of four provinces in the hands of the Conservative Party who oppose this tax apply, and he warned the public that the planet polluter must pay, and that money will be returned to Canadian families.

But nevertheless, while Prime Minister spoke of global warming, Heat also it reached to attendees, among whom there were a small number of protesters against the construction of a pipeline to transport oil in the western part of the country group, and who repeatedly interrupted the president.

Democracy in full exercise, or the rudeness of a few, and they said some of the present, who were tired and the shouts and interruptions and answered strongly chanting "Trudeau, Trudeau, Trudeau”. In the end, Several of the protesters had to be peacefully evicted by members of the security of the president, while in any Latin American country likely outcome it would have been different.

The prime minister's speech was clear and strong, and he insisted that in this as in other thematic national debate should not lose sight of the horizon "the big picture". He spoke sparingly, unruffled, despite the cries of a few.

After he had placed several dozens of citizens supporting their action against climate change, as well as 19 Liberal MPs in the province of Ontario, including the deputy Hispanic Julie Dzerowicz, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, and the Minister of the Environment, Catherine McKenna, responsible for opening the podium Prime Minister and who, in his speech, He insisted that the government is a close-knit team.

Such a statement could have been the preamble to address the problems currently facing the prime minister after the resignation a couple of weeks ago the Minister of Justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould, and this week the president of the Treasury Board, Jane Philpott, which they have monopolized the national policy debate.

“Although I am disappointed, I understand his decision to resign and I want to thank you for your service”, He said about the now former Minister Philpott, who in his resignation letter he alleged that he had lost confidence in management that had the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in SNC-Lavalin case.

It is recalled that the now former Minister Wilson-Raybould resigned his cabinet post arguing that had been heavily pressured by senior officials of the Prime Minister during his tenure as Minister of Justice to reach a negotiated plea agreement with the construction company SNC- Lavalin, accused of bribing officials in Libya for contracts in that country, among other charges.

The problem is that if the company is convicted criminally, will be barred for ten years participate in government contracts, which would mean the loss of thousands of jobs in Canada, and particularly in the province of Quebec, where it is headquartered. The Wilson-Raybould exministra now refused to seek a way out that was not the case for such criminal, and now he accuses the Liberal government have tried to interfere with the judicial process.

But all these problems seems he does not lose sleep to people who came to hear the prime minister's actions against climate change, at a time when it is actually just the liberal party currently in government, which it is proposing concrete actions to prevent global warming.

“Despite evidence, some politicians still do not understand. Believe it or not, Some people think we should not do anything about climate change ... If you do not have a plan for climate change, then you do not have a plan for the economy and certainly do not have a plan for the future of Canada”, said the president, a clear reference to the Conservatives and their leader Andrew Scheer.