Suspected murderer released on bail, go back to jail

Photo: Courtesy.
By Maria T. Morales

U.S – The death of a young woman 15 years, at the hands of her boyfriend, has become a fight for justice for the grieving family who found some relief today, since the alleged murderer, who had been released on bail, was apprehended again.

This is the young Diamond Alvarez, who last january, was murdered by her boyfriend Frank Deleon Junior, of 17 years, according to police reports.

The document indicates that the 11 from January, the teenager was walking her dog in her neighborhood park when Deleon shot her, at least 22 times.

Recently the family began the fight against the judicial system that released him after he paid bail for 250 one thousand dollars.

the grieving family, supported by a local non-profit organization called FIEL, undertook, About some months ago, a campaign for justice for Alvarez, after the freedom of his alleged executioner.

The crime occurred in Harris County., where recently and, due to the increase in crimes, the administration rose to the minimum of 10% the payment of bail in order to minimize the actions of recidivist criminals.

The family of young Diamond Alvarez, complained to the authorities, the recent release of Frank Deleon, after payment of a deposit for 250 one thousand dollars. This one who carried a GPS device, broke curfew rules, so he was arrested again. Houston Police Department photo.