Salvadoran President urges to build a country of opportunities

By Yaneth Estrada

"If we do that our people see migration as an option and not an obligation, and we do not build a country with opportunities, We continue to see this kind of tragedy ", said the president of El Salvador, n watch, about the death of a Salvadoran migrant and her daughter, They are trying to cross the Rio Grande, The last Sunday.

He argued that this photograph (father and daughter embraced on the banks of the Rio Grande) It represents a tragedy, the pain of thousands of Salvadorans leave and others who stay and those who still migrate, but they want to do. “here is, the question of why the United States does not want? and why his country expelled?, we who said matengámoslos in ignorance, We do not invest in education to have cheap labor, where a teacher educates a community and paguémosle step with foil and then we wonder, Why does that happen?, The same happened with the maras ago 30 years”, He said.

“Migration is the endemic problem that our countries have had to have forgotten its population. He has left in abandonment, in poverty, the marginalization of all kinds”, he added. Likewise, He stressed that a State to ensure the welfare of its population has never had and therefore this problem adds violence, joblessness, basic services, access to drinking water, to electricity, low investment in health and education, high levels of corruption and social exclusion.

Without him “American dream”

further, Saca, He said he shared what was said by Donald Trump, United States's president, “they (the immigrants) should not go, they should stay with their families, on their land and have options”.

The question is why risk crossing rivers, borders, deserts or to ride The Beast (the train)?, many children are abducted to sell their bodies and why they risk this?, Because they are stupid?, Why do not care?, “no, it is because it gives them less afraid to go here”, he said.

The Attorney General of Tamaulipas, Mexico confirmed that already delivered the bodies of Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez 25 Angie and her daughter Valeria Martinez Avalos 23 months, the mother of the child, same amphitheater removed Matamoros. They were then taken to the funeral home to be moved to Monterrey Nuevo Leon, and then take a direct flight to San Salvador.