Panamanian President hands over flag to athletes who will participate in Olympics in Japan

Nathalee Aranda received the national pavilion. Photo: Courtesy.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

President of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo handed over the national flag to the delegation of 10 athletes who will represent the country in the next Olympic Games that will take place in Tokyo, Japan of 23 From July to 8 of August.

"... I ask you to wear it with dignity (the flag), guard her with the honor and respect that she deserves us, and feel the pride of representing and competing for the country ... ", said the president to the athletes when delivering the tricolor emblem.

Photo: Courtesy.

The Panamanian delegation whose efforts were recognized by the president, It's conformed by 10 athletes, 6 women and 4 mens, who will compete in athletics modalities, cycling, swimming, judo and boxing.

It is the third time in history that the country has brought more female athletes than men to the Olympic Games.

"That is a personal triumph that they can treasure for the rest of their lives.; their paths are paved with perseverance, sacrifice, discipline, Doubts, honor, triumph, a pandemic and spiritual strength ", Cortizo acknowledged.

Photo: Courtesy.

Among the athletes is Alonso Edward, a broker specialized in 100 Y 200 meters, one of his most outstanding merits is having won the silver medal of the 200 meters at the World Athletics Championships held in Germany in 2009 where he was only surpassed by the Jamaican out of series, Usain Bolt. He also participated in the Olympics of 2012 Y 2016.

Japan is also attended by the boxing champion, Atheyna Bylon, and Nathalee Aranda, long jump,  the only classified athlete who is in Panama; as the rest of the group is in training camps in Turkey, Germany, Italy, Spain, Colombia and the United States.

Photo: Courtesy.

Panama has three Olympic medals, in 2008, the Panamanian Irving Saladino, known as “the colonense kangaroo” obtained the only gold medal that the country has in the Beijing Olympic Games, becoming the first Central American to achieve a gold medal in the long jump modality, six decades after Lloyd LaBeach earned two silver in athletics in 1948.