President of France yields to protests “yellow vests”

Manuel Arias

After last weekend will become very violent, to unprecedented levels in this European country, French President, Emmanuel Macron, announced Monday that waiver of a further increase in fuel taxes from January.

This is one of the first claim of the "yellow jackets", who staged protests paths that have resulted in an unprecedented social crisis.

Photo: French Interior Ministry.

Macron also announced that it will rise in 100 euros ($113) Minimum salary, and lower taxes on pensioners and workers. This was part of a speech in which he tried to meet the demands of the protesters.

The president acknowledged that his words "have hurt some" in the past, and he considered justified discontent, however he announced that decreed a "state of economic and social emergency" to deal with the situation.

Definitely, the French president has been forced to act after four weeks of protests that began in some provinces and spread to the capital, alarming tourists and foreign investors, because the country has been rocked by unrest both excessive violence such as these have caused.

Photo: French Interior Ministry.

While the government announced these measures, protests over the weekend brought together some 125,000 "Yellow jackets" throughout France. From them, 10,000 in Paris. As he confirmed by Interior Minister, Christophe Castaner, the security forces arrested about 1,385.

Photo: French Interior Ministry.

The French government had scheduled from 1 from January, an increase in taxes on fuel 6.5 eurocents per liter for diesel and 2.9 cents for gasoline, within its strategy to reduce dependence on oil and promoting an economy with lower carbon dioxide emissions to fight climate change.