President of El Salvador accuses the FMLN to finance gangs to kill police

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

This Sunday, Salvadoran President, Bukele Najib said through his Twitter account that has information on the 3 State intelligence agencies, that two senior officials of the leftist Farabundo Marti National Liberation FMLN are funding gangs in exchange for attacking targets of the National Civil Police PNC and thus destabilize the government.

Later, in a statement from the presidency, He stated that his government has reiterated its determination to combat the crime wave affecting the country, "We will not retreat in these efforts to ensure the security and tranquility of Salvadoran families", document detailing.

It also states that the government sympathizes with the families of the deceased officers in recent days, and reiterated their commitment to mobilize all resources so that these crimes do not go unpunished.

FMLN's reaction was swift, and a statement from his leadership they described as irresponsible the statement by President Bukele and denied the accusations.

"President Bukele against the inability to present a single proposal or action to tackle the country's problems, he has devoted himself to order layoffs of workers, to denigrate, threatening and defaming, being the meanest of their propagandistic actions ensure that FMLN officials are funding gangs to attack police ", claim.

According to the statement, the political commission of the FMLN attend the Attorney General's FGR Republic to sue for libel and slander. further, They argued that in the recent past increases in police killings occurred, since rejected gangs security policies Front government for refusing to negotiate.

Meanwhile, Local media reported that since the coming to power of the new president, no official figures of murders in the country spread and have not been submitted security plans to counter the scourge of gangs terrorizing the population keeps.