Presentan SIMEL, platform that will drive job growth, economic and social development of the country.

Vice President of El Salvador Felix Ulloa, Labor Minister Rolando Castro launch SIMEL Platform (Photos Courtesy vice presidency)

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Salvadoran government authorities presented the Labor Market Information System, SIMEL, becoming the first country in Central America and the second in Latin America, after Chile, in having a platform that drives job growth, the economic and social development of the country.

The SIMEL, makes it easier to measure the behavior of the workforce, and is available to decision makers and academia; to develop policies and programs that improve conditions in the labor sector.

The Labor Market Information System, SIMEL, contains 40 key indicators that will provide information, statistics and research on job quality and job opportunities, which will allow the creation of policies, programs and plans that will benefit the population. The platform is available to government institutions, private company, academic sectors and is governed by international organizations such as the International Labor Organization, ILO.

For the Minister of Labor, Rolando Castro, entity that has developed this digital tool, the SIMEL, it will help to analyze the imbalance between demand and supply, because “we produce many professionals who do not match the national and international labor demand, now we can develop a whole policy that helps us reduce unemployment and see what labor needs exist to develop them ", he claimed.

Another advantage of this tool, it is to be able to “contrast the factors that drive people to migrate irregularly to other countries and join actions in favor of compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals, ODS, of the 2030 Agenda ", declared Nicola Graviano, representative of the International Organization for Migration, OIM, in El Salvador.