They present new proposal to decriminalize abortion in Argentina

For Recinos Kriscia

Thousands of women came to the Congress of Argentina to support the submission of a bill to decriminalize abortion; it's not the first time, there are eight attempts approval has been slowed by not having enough votes in the Senate.

Young people from all over the country waved their green scarves symbolizing the campaign for legal abortion, safe and free, whose slogan is: "Sex education to decide, contraceptives for not aborting, legal abortion not to die ".

The streets around the conference were closed by the authorities, because of the crowd that attended the activity called: "Pañuelazo".

There were banners, carps, batucadas, women's songs and the presence of personalities Argentina farándula, as well as parliamentarians who support the initiative.

The bill, It is proposing the legal irruption of pregnancy until week 14, comprehensive sex education and the impossibility of penalties for whom an abortion is performed; It was presented in Annex C of Parliament on the International Day of Action for Women's Health.

Last year, the draft was approved by deputies in the Senate but was rejected.