Prepare for storms or hurricanes

Photo: Courtesy.

Maria T. Morales

Hurricane season 2021 is at the gates, and this means it is time to upgrade emergency supplies like water, batteries, canned food, lamps, candles, among other basic products to face any emergency related to rainy weather.

Hurricane Preparedness Week, of the 9 al 15 of May, It is the time when the authorities begin the campaign to raise public awareness about the levels of risk in their homes and communities.

Hurricane disaster risk is not just a coastal problem, its impacts can occur hundreds of miles inland, said the authorities of the National Hurricane Center, so it is necessary to be prepared.

2021 brings with it 17 storms and 12 hurricanes; of the latter, four could be high intensity.

The greek alphabet, used last year to name storms and hurricanes will be ruled out by authorities, and instead they will use a complementary list of names.

In case you need them, names taken from the Atlantic season will be used. The names go from A to Z, but exclude the letters Q, U, X, Y y Z.

The eastern Pacific saw the birth of Andrés, This week the first tropical storm formed off the southeast coast of Mexico was brought forward, hurricane season officially begins on 15 of May.