Asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus responsible for the spread of the disease in Italy

By Engelbert Pérez Maldonado

Scientific investigations around the coronavirus outbreak and its expansion in the most affected countries, shed new light on this disease.

On Wednesday, Giuseppe Remuzzi, director of the Institute of Pharmacological Research Mario Negri in Milan, told a local radio that the 80% of the coronavirus patients were infected by carriers of the virus who did not have any symptoms.

Remuzzi affirmed that for that reason in Bergamo, 80 kilometers northeast of Milan, the contagion thrived inside a hospital, because asymptomatic patients infected doctors and these in turn infected patients with other pathologies without realizing it.

To prevent this from happening, Remuzzi said, it is necessary to make a sanitary fence; but nevertheless, it is not possible to put such a fence on the entire population, for economic and organizational reasons, because it also implies making another fence for all health personnel.

The recommendation, is that all sanitary fences must include workers, that they have to attend to the people in the consultations and to all the medical personnel and health operators.

To prevent the chain of infections from continuing, doctors and health workers should have been under observation. further, the expert pointed out that it was necessary to have the elderly in another sanitary fence, for considering themselves a vulnerable group.

Remuzzi also introduced a point, which he, not well communicated, like hygiene measures and others to prevent contagion.

He referred to those recovered by coronavirus. After declaring them healthy, These can spread in the following two weeks and must be declared virus-free after two consecutive negative tests in the period mentioned.

If the upward trend continues in Italy, the number of positive cases of Covid-19 could exceed the 600 thousand cases, according to the head of Italian Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli, in an interview with the local newspaper La República.

The official explained that for each person infected, there are ten carriers of the virus. Borrelli excused himself by giving this information, because on previous occasions he had refused to speak about it with journalists who questioned him days before.

This projection, was endorsed by the microbiologist and researcher, Andrea Crisanti who also pointed to the newspaper “Corriere de la Sera”, that the data is less alarming considering that they can exceed 450 thousand.

At the interview, Crisanti has told the newspaper that the only true information is that of the dead, which until yesterday amounted to 6,820. You must leave, "he said.- of deaths to know that the number of infections is much higher than what is spread daily, he emphasized.

For the microbiologist, it is incomprehensible how the dimension of the emergency was not valued, which contributed to the rapid spread of the disease.

Crisanti also explained, that data from China and the Commonwealth of Vo, in the Veneto region, north of Italy, where the coronavirus outbreak started compared to Codogno, south of Milan, where epidemiological investigations have been done, give the same result.

That is to say, a mortality rate that ranges from 1.5 Y 2% and that the percentage of asymptomatic people who infect it is very high, 40%.